Friday, 5 October 2012



This pictures I found in my notebook, when I was browsing through my photos over the years of traveling. Few years ago I went for a ski trip with my friends to the Czech Republic. We were staying few kilometers away from the most famous spa town in the Czech Republic. So one night after skiing we had nothing to do so we decided to visit it. As we were walking around I spotted this window. How cool it is!

Tuto fotku som nasla v notebooku, ked som sa len tak preklikavala fotkami co som nafotila cez vsetky tie roky cestovania. Pred par rokmi sme sa vybrali s kamosmi na lyziarsky vylet do Ciech. Neboli sme daleko od ich najznamejsich kupelov, tak raz vecer ked sme namali co robit sme sa rozhodli to tam ist preskumat. Ako sme sa tak tulali mestom natrafila som na tento super vyklad. Aky je coolovy!

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