June is here for a while and sooner then we notice it will be holiday time. That lovely 2 months when everyone going away, just chilling and even in the offices time is more relaxed.  But it means we need to get ready for that sweet time, the time when we need to take layers off and show our bikini body. Here are some tips to get started. 

1. Don't over do it.  I mean don't give yourself unrealistic targets. In smaller amounts but regularly is more effective. 
2. Do some detox. If you didn't do it until now, now is the right time. Cleans your body, and prepare it for a better healthier food.  
3. Move on. Don't forget that even everyday walk, or taking a stairs instead of lift is sort of exercise. 
4. Prepare your skin and hair for sun.
5. Always put sun protection creams on. Skin after long winter is more sensitive and burns faster. 
6. Do manicure and pedicure. Summer sandals asking for a beautiful feet. And crazy color polishes are made for the summer nails.


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